FastTyping (Touch Typing)

MAE Fast Typing

The importance of correctly mastering the keyboard is growing every day, due to the enormous and rapid advancement of new technologies in our daily and professional lives. It is an important skill to possess within almost any industry today, particularly professions in which working with any form of computer medium is an essential requirement.

Most people believe they can type well, but do we write with all our fingers and without looking at the keyboard? This course will help to achieve just that. Using state-of-the-art tools along with our own dynamic software, you will learn to type correctly mastering a skill that can make a great difference today.

FastTyping Methodology

The course is delivered via our innovative Web based program: FastTyping, based on keys per minute, tones and a modern design, to guarantee that that students learn in an enjoyable way.

The program is also available in English at the click of a button, and features access to games, which can be used alongside the course content, to further enhance learning.

También contamos con la posibilidad de realizar prácticas en inglés, así como juegos incorporados al método para aprender de una forma más lúdica en una parte de las clases.

Thanks to the innovative software with which FastTyping works, extra lessons can be added throughout the course, and centres may also work with custom exercises or texts that they consider to be of relevance.

Advantages of FastTyping

  • Speed, agility and productivity improvement
  • Time saving and optimization
  • Considerable reduction of errors
  • Read and write at the same time, facilitating the comprehension of texts
  • Notable improvement in reporting
  • Avoid SMS and Chat language
  • Ergonomics
  • Basic skill for entering advanced studies and the world of work
  • Ability to type whilst continually engaging with an interlocutor

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